Welcome to Tools for Thinking

Our mission is to rethink how we create, share and organise knowledge. This community is a place to share ideas, post designs, and ask questions on the interaction and architecture of tools for thinking.

We draw inspiration from geniuses like Douglas Engelbart, Alan Kay, Ted Nelson, Douglas Hofstadter, JCR Licklider, Vannevar Bush, Arthur Schopenhauer, Jef Raskin, Donald Norman, Bret Victor, Nicky Case, Andy Matuschak, Ludwig Wittgenstein and many more.

The power of the unaided mind is highly overrated. Computers were meant to become interactive intellectual amplifiers for all humans. Yet many of todays applications fail to capture our ideas adequately or inspire us with serendipitous knowledge. We can do better than the Evernotes, Dropboxes or Googles!