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Visualizing Algorithms

The power of the unaided mind is highly overrated… The real powers come from devising external aids that enhance cognitive abilities. —Donald Norman

Converge – Nonlinear Conversational Medium

Converge is an attempt to create a medium that mirrors the non-linearity of in-person conversations.
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Digitally supported creativity (Podcast)

Crafting the right tools for creatives in the digital age. A conversation with Adam Wiggins, entrepreneur and the director of a research lab. Visual index available as a YouTube clip.

The key lessons from “Where Good Ideas Come From” by Steven Johnson

Lesson 1: Evolution and innovation usually happen in the realm of the adjacent possible.
Lesson 2: World-changing ideas generally evolve over time as slow hunches rather than sudden breakthroughs.
Lesson 3: Platforms are like springboards for innovations.
Lesson 4: Innovation and evolution thrive in large networks.
Lesson 5: Collaboration is at least as important a driver of innovation as competition.
Lesson 6: Lucky connections between ideas drive innovation.
Lesson 7: Serendipitous discoveries can be facilitated by a shared intellectual or physical space.
Lesson 8: Great innovations emerge from environments that are partly contaminated by error.
Lesson 9: Innovation thrives on reinventing and reusing the old.
Summary: Both evolution and innovation thrive in collaborative networks where opportunities for serendipitous connections exist. Great discoveries often evolve as slow hunches, maturing and connecting to other ideas over time.


CLUI: Building a Graphical Command Line

Command line interfaces. Once that was all we had. Then they disappeared, replaced by what we thought was a great advance: GUIs. GUIs were - and still are - valuable, but they fail to scale to the demands of today’s systems. So now command line interfaces are back again, hiding under the name of search. Now you see them, now you don’t. Now you see them again. And they will get better and better with time: mark my words, that is my prediction for the future of interfaces.


Hi! I just found this blog very interesting, don’t know exactly where to post it, I think here is ok:


oh wow that’s a wonderful collection of ideas and those diagrams … :heart_eyes:

An interesting post with demo of an approach to self-transclusion for a blog:

It’s much more limiting than what this groups wants, since it requires you annotate things at the transclusion target (thus why it’s only good for your own things). Anyway, seemed worth sharing what others have tried.

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(thread, also some synergy with Digital Gardens)