I'm a newbie. Where should I start?

I got interested in thinking tools from Andy Matuschak.

But I think I lack the fundamental knowledge about this topic.

I have no degree in CS or design.

Where should I start?


Hello @juniusfree. Welcome! Maybe a good start could be to think about why you’re interested in this topic, or how does it relate to you. That’s where I would start at least.

The way I got interested in this was that I felt I was reading a lot, processing a lot of information and I was developing a lot of intuition in a multitude of topics. But then, whenever it was a good time to discuss those ideas with other people I was unable to explain, to contrast, to argue. This made me start to develop my notes on a more conscious way. I started to write more. And I started wondering why non-fiction writing is so hard (fiction I haven’t tried much). That took me to computing pioneers, and the rabbit hole went deeper and deeper. But you could still say I’m loyal to my initial difficulty.


@hanbzu I can relate to that.

I’ve been in accounting, photography, and software testing.

Recently, I got into product strategy and design but I don’t have a degree in design so there’s a lot of information that I need to learn.

And just like my previous work, I have to learn a lot in a short amount of time.

I’m mostly interested in tools specifically for product design (e.g. Breadboarding by Ryan Singer if that can be called a “thinking tools”)

I got a lot of things in this forum already so I’ll be checking this frequently.