Emoji Log – Personal tracker

I just published a new app for measuring progress – you can use it to write journals, observe habits, track statistics. I found that journaling in my note-taking app was impeding my workflow and it was helpful for me to have time-bound content organized in a separate context. Hope it helps in building self-awareness and clarity.


Congrats @rosano

I like that your intention is to make the application calm, running away from all the blame. Many developers just overlook this aspect and just go with the flow.

Regarding the representation, here’s me thinking out loud. I still don’t understand it very well. And I don’t know if that’s due to me not having used the app for something real yet. I’ll give it a try and report back.

Is there any specific intention on the discrete jumps (hour to day to week, etc)? I mean, when you want to use the app to get some insight into “how things are”, are these amount of spikes helping you there?

I appreciate it, thanks :slight_smile:

The divisions can represent potential ‘milestones’ if it’s motivating to think “i only need to wait a day longer or an hour longer to do better than last time”.